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Who We Are?

Xiamen Champollion was founded in 2001, in Xiamen, China. For 16 years, we have been focused on offering the most comfortable footwear to our customers within the highest quality standards at the most competitive prices.


We focus the team on understanding who you are, what you need and how our services can improve your results.


Our development is aimed to fulfill your vision, respecting the budget within realistic schedules.


To ensure all objectives are met, we integrate you and the team into all steps of the process.


Communication is the critical element that links all the process to ensure consistency, predictability and quality.



We are committed to ensure an enduring win-win relationship with all our customers.


We contribute by providing a safer work environment and an engaged and motivated workforce.


Innovation and sustainability are the key drivers to our success and an integral part of our culture.


We are always focused on assisting and supporting our partners, even through difficult times.

Leading the way in developing
and producing quality footwear since 2001

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